General Resources and information

University Public Safety Oversight Committee

The University Public Safety Oversight Committee (UPSOC) is a representative group of faculty, staff and students charged by the PSU Board of Trustees with providing oversight, counsel and advice to PSU’s Campus Public Safety leadership in order to improve campus safety. This important committee meets the third Friday of every month from 1:00-3:00pm during the academic year. As a President-appointed group, UPSOC works on a variety of projects and does targeted research in sub-committees to assess and improve campus safety.

Sex Offender Registration Information

In the State of Oregon, convicted sex offenders must register with the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registration Unit. The Oregon State Police is responsible for maintaining this registry. Oregon State Police provide this list online on the Oregon Sex Offender Inquiry System. It can be accessed at

Public Records Request

In order to ensure transparency, government records are generally open to the public. As a public university, PSU is subject to Oregon’s public records laws, which can be found in the Oregon Revised Statutes at Chapter 192.

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