What to do when you need to

Shelter in place

Shelter-in-Place is a safety precaution that can help you stay safe during situations in which it is necessary to remain indoors. In certain emergency situations, the campus community may be advised to shelter-in-place to avoid or minimize exposure to outside risks. Risks could include some weather-related emergencies, law enforcement activities, or chemical, biological or radioactive releases. You may be instructed to shelter in place via a PSU Alert message or by emergency response personnel.

If Instructed to Shelter in Place

  • Stop classes or work
  • If there are visitors in your space, ask them to stay
  • Move to an interior room (ideally above the ground floor) or a room with few windows or doors
  • Close all windows, exterior doors, and any other openings to the outside
  • Under certain circumstances (law enforcement activity) it may be necessary to lock and/or barricade the door to the area where you are located
  • Write down the names of everyone in the room - this will be helpful to report to first responders
  • Check your cell phone for PSU Alert messages
  • Only leave if you are informed by PSU Alert message or emergency response personnel that there is no longer a need to shelter in place

Points of Contact

Call or text: 911
PSU Emergency: 503-725-5911
PSU Non-Emergency: 503-725-4407