Protect Your Property

Bicycle Safety & Security

Many students, faculty and staff use their bicycles as primary sources of transportation to and from the university, it becomes important to follow several safety recommendations to ensure your bike is there when you need it.

  • Document your bicycle:It is highly recommended that you properly document your bike ownership and essential details, such as the serial number. You should retain all purchase receipts even if you purchased a used bicycle. A serial number is helpful for law enforcement in the event your bicycle is stolen. Please complete the Bike Registration and save it along with a photo of your bicycle.
  • Lock your bicycle: Never leave your bicycle unlocked or unattended. Always lock your bike carefully and securely! We recommend that all bicycles be secured to bike racks located throughout the campus using a Kryptonite U-shaped lock. The lock should be large enough to fit around the bike frame and both bicycle wheels, and the bike rack. If possible, secure bicycles in your room at night. DO NOT lock your bike to trees, signs, handrails, or other non-bike rack furnishings. Your bike will be removed and impounded as a result. As with all college campuses, bike theft is a persistent problem. You can drastically increase the security of your bike by following these simple steps:
    • Always use a U-lock or heavy-gauge chain (cable locks are not enough!)
    • Make sure to lock your bike through a portion of its frame
    • Secure quick-release wheels with your lock or an added cable
    • Remove all detachable accessories including lights, bags, etc.
    • Remove loose or easily removed bicycle components. Computers, tool bags, headlights, and bike seats are just a few examples of extra accessories often reported stolen when they are left attached to bikes. These items are easy to remove and make quick targets for thieves.
    • Or lock your  bike in one of the PSU Parking & Transportation lockers on campus. These secure bike lockers can be rented through the City of Portland's Bike Program. Call 503-823-6841 to inquire about reservations.

Common Thefts

Theft is a concern within our buildings and on and around the campus. You should always remain aware of your surroundings and keep your personal possessions under your control at all times. Consider the following in preventing your being the victim of theft:

  • Park in a well-lit location and lock your vehicle
  • Do not leave any items in your vehicle when parked in a garage, lot, or on the street
  • Do not transfer items from the passenger area into the trunk, thieves may be watching
  • Keep serial numbers and purchase information for electronic devices in a safe place, and not in the device memory
  • Do not leave electronic devices, or personal belongings unattended at any time, especially when visiting the restroom
  • Do not leave your backpack on the floor in the restroom, hang it on the hook behind the door
  • Be aware of those around you when studying in the library or lounge areas
  • Consider making your personal belongings distinctive and easy to recognize
  • Lock the door to your office when you leave
  • Keep your belongings in your desk drawer, and lock the drawer when away from your desk