What to do in case of

Inclement Weather

Every employee is personally responsible for verifying weather conditions and the University's operational status prior to coming to work. Announcements about campus delays or closures will be made via PSU Alert (text messages, emails, phone calls) and will be posted to the PSU homepage, to the PSU social media channels, and shared with local media outlets. Campus community members should assume that PSU is operating on normal schedule unless they receive an official message. PSU will not usually issue a notice stating normal operations.

Information on campus status can be obtained by:

  • Checking for PSU Alert messages (text messages, voicemail, emails (pdx.edu and personal)
    • To reach your PSU voicemail, call (503) 725-7000
  • Check the PSU website
  • Checking PSU’s official social media accounts
  • Calling the PSU switchboard voicemail at (503) 725-3000; and/or
  • Listening to, or watching, media announcements.

Prepare for Winter Weather

  • Register to receive PSU Alert messages via text messages, and/or phone call, and/or email to a personal email account so you can get notification if campus is delayed or closes due to weather.
  • Review the Finance & Administration Campus Closure FAQ to know more about how weather may impact the campus
  • Review Human Resources’ University Closure Policy for details based on employee category.
  • Review the message from Kevin Reynolds, VP FADM, about inclement weather procedures.
  • Talk to your supervisor/employees to set expectations (e.g. working from home, communication, etc.)

Snow and Ice Removal

Regardless of whether campus is open or closed, facilities crews begin work early to clear snow and ice. The snow and ice removal map shows priority routes and entrances. When walking across campus, only use paths and entrances that have been cleared of snow and ice.

Campus Response

There are three ways in which the campus may respond to snow and ice:

University Closed: All scheduled day and evening classes, performances, meetings, athletic games, practices and other events held on the PSU campus are canceled unless a specific exception is approved in accordance with University procedures. Remote classes continue as scheduled. A decision to close campus for the day will be announced via PSU Alert no later than 6:30am.

Delayed Opening: An alternate time when campus activities can begin. A specific time will be announced (for example, PSU may announce that campus will open at 10am).

Early Closure: When inclement weather requires closure or curtailment of operations after the workday has begun.

Additional Information

For Students

For Staff

For Instructors

Tips to Stay Safe During Winter Weather

  • Dress warmly and bring extra layers to be comfortable in cold weather.
  • Only use paths and entrances that have been cleared of snow and ice.
  • If possible, avoid walking under tree branches that are heavy with ice and snow.
  • When possible, park in areas that have been plowed and/or sanded.
  • If you are traveling, check local and regional conditions:

Note that space heaters are prohibited except with clearance from FPM and Fire Prevention.

Points of Contact

Call or text: 911
PSU Emergency: 503-725-5911
PSU Non-Emergency: 503-725-4407

Inclement Weather