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Rachel Hibbard
Rachel Hibbard

Rachel Hibbard

Adjunct Instructor
Art Practices
Art Building 310 

Rachel Hibbard’s work explores “serious absurdities” through systems such as games, the weather, consumer goods and remixing domestic and military spheres. Currently exploring space -probing the personal,  technological and religious cosmos. 
Rachel leads a semi-annual Printmaking/Mixed Media class to Guanajuato Mexico, through PSU Education Abroad. Hibbard has taught at the Chicago Art Institute, UC Davis, and been active in community art education projects: Gallery 39 in Chicago, Orlo and PSU Recycles.
Her work is exhibited nationally in venues including The Cultural Center of Chicago, the State of Illinois Gallery, the Betsy Rosenfield and Kline Galleries, the Detroit Building, Maryhill Museum, Portland Institute of Contemporary Art and Blue Sky Center For Photographic Arts.
She graduated with a MFA in printmaking from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art.