Kate Bingaman Burt: Outlet

Kate Bingaman Burt stands next to a Risograph printer under a neon sign that says "Printing"


The doors to Kate Bingaman-Burt’s studio space, Outlet, first opened in April 2017 during Design Week Portland. More than a personal workspace, Outlet is a vibrant epicenter for fun, design, and community that’s an extension of Kate’s exuberant personality. 

Outlet regularly hosts workshops ranging from zine-making to drawing to printing on the Risograph. It also hosts small custom workshops and pop-up events. This lively space is part studio, part experimental retail space, and part community design library that includes Kate’s ever-growing collection of zines.

During open hours, Outlet is staffed by a team of talented and knowledgeable assistants. The main floor of the studio provides a makerspace for emerging and established artists and designers alike. Outlet offers opportunities for PSU students and the public to use the studio and its four resident Risograph printers, fondly named Barbara, Janet, Lil’ Tina, and Corita. After completing a training workshop participants can come in and print when staff is present. Button makers, binding equipment, and finishing tools are also available as a service, or as a DIY rental.

When Kate’s not leading one of her weekly Risograph workshops, she’s upstairs in private her mezzanine studio where she illustrates and designs for major clients such as The New York TimesOprah Magazine, and the Harvard Business Review.

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