Fee Verification

What is a fee verification?

A fee verification is an official, customized fee verification of a student's account for a given quarter, complete with what the student is being charged for, the amounts of the charges, and any payments that have been made toward that account. Fee verifications can be provided upon request by the student, which can be completed via Banweb.

Since fee verifications have to be prepared individually, a fee of $5.00 is charged per request. All fee verifications are prepared on official PSU letterhead, and can be delivered to the student or another party via mail, email, or pickup.

To request a fee verification, watch the how-to video or follow the steps below.


From your Banweb, click on:

  1. "Student Services" tab
  2. "Student Account"
  3. "Place a Fee Verification Request"
  4. "Yes, continue on CashNet site"

In the "Your Account" box on the left in Cashnet, click on:

  1. "Request a Fee Verification"
  2. Complete the online Fee Verification request form and click "Add to Cart".
  3. "Continue" to complete the Checkout process.

Your fee verification will be available within 10 business days and will be delivered according to the preference specified on the form.  Please allow additional time for processing during peak periods, such as final grade posting and registration weeks.  If you have any further questions, please contact Student Accounts.

Students have two format options for fee verifications. "Fee Verification Option B" is posted below as an example.