MSW Electives – Open Enrollment


Spring 2021 Electives

Students not enrolled in the MSW program can register for the the following:

  • SW 510, Environmental Justice (CRN 63514)
  • SW 565, Critical Disability Studies in Practice (CRN 63598)
  • SW 571, Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction & SW Practice (CRN 63601)
  • SW 571, Substance Use, Abuse and Addiction & SW Practice (CRN 64328)

Course Enrollment Requirements

For PSU Students

PLEASE NOTE:  You must obtain permission to enroll. To obtain permission, e-mail explaining your background that prepares you for the class. Include information about your previous experience and/or coursework. This will help us determine if you have knowledge and skills to successfully complete the class. Include your PSU ID (if you are admitted to PSU but not to the MSW program). 

For Non-PSU Students

If you are not currently admitted to Portland State University there are two options for admission: 

  • Post-Bac Admission:  $50 fee & transcripts required, allows students earlier access to registration and the option of applying for financial aid. 
  • Non-Degree Admission:  $25 fee, students are not eligible for financial aid. 

A $2 processing fee will apply to each of the above admission options. The options listed above do not include admission to the MSW program; however, they allow enrollment in specific courses listed on this page. Students are allowed to transfer 6 pre-admission credits to later apply toward the MSW degree requirements. If you wish to transfer in credits for one of these courses, please contact the MSW Program at  

If you have further questions about registering for non‐admit courses in the School of Social Work email


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