Using the power of prevention education to promote healthy relationships and sexuality by addressing the underlying social determinants of violence and to create equal and respectful relationships.

Portland State University joined the national interpersonal violence prevention movement in November 2015.

Interpersonal violence (IPV) is an umbrella term for violence that is primarily motivated by the assertion of power, control, and/or intimidation in order to harm someone. This can take the form of partner abuse, sexual assault, stalking, and other uses of force, threat, or harassment of a person/people.

Illuminate seeks to shed light on the social injustices that lead to sexual and relationship violence and to create social change through prevention programming such as bystander intervention, anti-oppression, consent workshops, campus events, and social norms campaigns.

Location: 527 SW Hall, UCB Suite 308G 
Contact: Amy Collins,, 503.725.2580

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