Certificate Cost

Online Collaborative Governance Graduate Certificate

Certificate Cost

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The Collaborative Governance Graduate Certificate is a focused path to a better future. The investment of time and money is considerably less than for a traditional graduate degree.

Certificate Tuition and Fees

The total program cost estimate (2019-2020 PSU tuition and fees) is as follows:

The Collaborative Governance Graduate Certificate is a focused path to a better future.

  •  In-state tuition $434 per credit x 16 credits = $6,944
  •  Out state tuition $661 per credit x 16 credits = $10,576

Per-credit PSU fees vary depending on the number of credits taken. See PSU's tuition and fees webpage for details.

The online fee is $35 per credit x 16 credits = $560

The PSU application fee is not included. For more information see the PSU's tuition and fees webpage.

Current PSU master’s and doctoral degree students who would like to take collaborative governance courses or earn the certificate should contact Kristen Wright (503) 725-9078, kjwright@pdx.edu.


For each term, PSU will send an electronic bill to your online student account. Interest and billing fees are charged for late payments. For tuition due dates, see the Office of the Registrar’s academic calendar webpage.

Financial Aid

The certificate is designed so that students take one course per term. Students enrolled in only one course per term do not meet the minimum enrollment requirements to qualify for federal financial aid. (For minimum enrollment requirements, see the Office of the Registrar’s enrollment status webpage.) However, a master’s or doctoral student who is taking additional courses and meets the minimum enrollment requirements may use financial aid to pay for the collaborative governance courses.

Payment Methods

Tuition and fees may be paid online, by mail, or in person.

  • Online: Pay online using your VISA or MasterCard. (There are service charges for online payment.) To pay online, go to My PSU, log into your PSU account, and follow the prompts for web payment.
  • By Mail: If you received a paper bill, follow the mailing instructions on the bill. If you received an electronic bill and want to pay by mail, write your student identification number on the check and mail to: PSU Cashier's Office, PO Box 908, Portland OR 97207.
  • In Person: Pay by check or cash in person at the cashier's window in the lobby of Fariborz Maseeh Hall.

Read more about payment options on the Student Financial Services payments webpage.


For program information and student advising:

Kristen Wright
(503) 725-9078

For registration and admissions:

Public Administration Department, Main Office
T (503) 725-3921
F (503) 725-8250