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Collaborative Results

Our Services

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NPCC offers services that help people work together for solutions that serve the public good. We also teach others how to do what we do. Our programs, Oregon Solutions, Oregon Consensus, and Oregon's Kitchen Table each specialize in an area of collaborative services. See below for a description of our services.

Influence your world

We can help you be an effective, influential, well-thought-of leader or community member who builds relationships with others to create a better community and world by

  • solving public problems
  • seizing opportunities
  • building political will
  • combining resources

We help you identify and address public problems and pursue opportunities. We know that you strive to change the world and grow personally and that you are an effective leader who knows how to make the most of others’ contributions. Our services help you strengthen your professional and community connections.

Do more in less time

We know you’re busy. Thorny problems may go unsolved or solutions may not be durable. Opportunities may be missed. Professional and community relationships can become strained. Resources are limited. If you struggle to make headway in the face of opposing interests, or other forces are determining outcomes without your interests being addressed, we can help.

We share your goals

Like you, we want to strengthen and improve our communities. We believe people should have influence over decisions that impact them, rather than having authority figures or powerful interests decide their fate. We believe people create better solutions when they work together. We believe leaders can grow, excel, and expand their connections.

We've helped hundreds of organizations and communities just like yours

We have more than 20 years of experience helping hundreds of people like you bring other people together to find lasting solutions for their communities. Ours is the only program of its kind in the state, and we provide the unique unbiased forum of a public university.

What we do

We assess your situation, design your collaboration project, facilitate your meetings, and manage your project for you. If your project isn’t ready for collaboration—we’ll tell you. We help get thorny problems off your plate. We’ll apply the best practices in the field to your project.

Worry-Free Help

We’ll tailor the plan to your needs and resources. We’ll help ensure that all views are heard and interests are addressed. We’ll keep participants engaged and committed. We’ll help you reach agreements with outcomes that satisfy. And we’ll respect your confidentiality.

The NPCC plan for collaborative solutions

  1. Contact us for a free consultation.
  2. If you decide to move forward, we’ll do an assessment of the situation and recommend next steps.
  3. We’ll connect you with the NPCC program that best suits your situation—Oregon Consensus, Oregon Solutions, or Oregon’s Kitchen Table.
  4. We’ll match you up with a project manager/facilitator who understands your subject matter and needs.
  5. We’ll work with you to design a process for bringing the right people together—a process that fits your resources. In some cases, we'll help fund your project.
  6. We’ll plan, organize, facilitate, and manage effective, unbiased project meetings or public engagement events.

Contact us for a free consultation

Call or email us today at (503) 725-9077 or npccdesk@pdx.edu to talk about designing and facilitating your collaborative project for solving public problems or seizing community opportunities.

Lasting solutions for a better tomorrow

We can help you achieve durable outcomes that other stakeholders agree on. You can build the political and financial support for real action and build strong relationships with other groups. You can create a legacy of solving problems, contributing to your community, and leading effectively.