Our Partners

Together we expand collaboration in Oregon

Our Partners

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We partner with several organizations across the state that not only help bring our services to local communities, but also play an important role in building the state's overall capacity for collaborative problem solving. Our key partners include the following:

Regional Solutions Centers

Regional Solutions is a program of the Oregon Governor’s Office that promotes collaboration through a network of eleven Regional Solutions Centers (RSCs) that integrate state agency work and funding in order to support locally-identified projects, particularly projects that create or retain jobs in Oregon. RSCs draw on our expertise in conflict resolution and collective action services. Visit the Regional Solutions webpage to learn more.

Together with our partners we serve as Oregon’s collaborative governance infrastructure for shared decision making.

County Solutions - Association of Oregon Counties

County Solutions, a program of the Association of Oregon Counties, supports and represents county commissioners and judges as they participate in collaborative efforts and use their convening authority to bring together the people needed to effectively craft and implement solutions to address issues in their communities. County Solutions partners with us when it needs a neutral forum and a spectrum of collaborative approaches to assist county leaders in advancing these solutions. Visit the website of the Association of Oregon Counties to learn more.

Kitchen Table Democracy

Our national nonprofit affiliate is Kitchen Table Democracy. Kitchen Table Democracy is dedicated to helping leaders across the nation develop collaborative solutions to the problems they face in their communities. Kitchen Table Democracy is chaired by a board of directors that includes state and local leaders from across the United States who believe that business-as-usual is no longer enough to solve today’s problems. The nonprofit serves as a catalyst and a support for leaders who want to harness the power of collaboration to break through outdated governance structures that often hinder innovation in solving public problems. Kitchen Table Democracy serves as a resource and an incubator for the development of nimble governance structures designed to solve problems through collaboration and creativity. Kitchen Table Democracy also supports our Oregon-based work, particularly Oregon’s Kitchen Table. Visit the website of Kitchen Table Democracy to learn more.

University Network for Collaborative Governance

We are members and provide administrative support for the University Network for Collaborative Governance (UNCG), a network of college and university programs that engage in service and scholarship in order to build the capacity for collaborative governance in their communities and states. UNCG promotes and champions the role that university centers play as neutral forums and resource centers for collaborative governance. Visit the website of the University Network for Collaborative Governance to learn more.

Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolution

The Oregon Office for Community Dispute Resolution (OOCDR) at the University of Oregon Law School provides trained volunteers who mediate disputes between individual community members. OOCDR currently supports sixteen community dispute resolution centers in twenty-four counties. We partner with OOCDR to support community-based problem solving. We draw on OOCDR's local expertise for trained mediation support for community outreach, and we collaborate to enhance the mechanisms for mediation in the state. Visit the webpage of the Oregon Community Dispute Resolution Centers to learn more.

Department of Land Conservation and Development

We partner with the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development by providing informal mediation of land use disputes through our Oregon Consensus program. If you are considering filing an appeal with the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) about a local land-use decision, we may be able to help. Learn more about our LUBA mediation program by visiting the Oregon Consensus website or contact us at 503.725.9077 or npccdesk@pdx.edu.


For more information contact NPCC at (503) 725-9077 or npccdesk@pdx.edu.