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A diverse group of people studying around a table outdoors
Oregon State Capitol in the spring

Online Collaborative Governance Graduate Certificate

Our graduate certificate equips you to collaborate across silos and sectors to improve your organization, your community, and the world. The program is fully online and can be completed in just one year. It is taught by some of the nation's foremost experts on collaborative governance.

Haines General Store in Baker County Oregon

Urban-Rural Ambassadors Summer Institute

Portland State and Eastern Oregon Universities offer a ten-day, six-credit residential summer institute for undergraduate students to explore urban and rural connections, and to develop the collaborative skills to work across the urban-rural divide. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 session will be held remotely.

Diverse group of people working at table

Collaborative Governance Internships

We offer graduate internships that allow PSU students to build their collaborative skills and participate in active collaborative governance projects around the state. Interns work side-by-side with our practitioners.

What You’ll Learn in NPCC Education Programs

Our online Collaborative Governance Graduate Certificate, Urban-Rural Ambassador's Institute, and graduate internships prepare students to do the following:

  • Use consensus-based approaches to resolve public policy disputes
  • Apply civic and collaborative leadership skills
  • Make collaborations more successful
  • Use collective action approaches to implement community projects collaboratively
  • Engage a diverse public in civic dialogue or deliberation
  • Apply collaborative approaches to their current professions
  • Work in the public engagement and conflict resolution fields

Course Topics

  • Introduction to collaborative governance
  • Key elements for successful collaboration
  • Conflict resolution and conflict styles
  • Consensus decision-making techniques
  • Communication skills for building collaborative relationships
  • Conducting internal and external situation assessments
  • Designing collaborative processes to reach your goals
  • Leveraging resources through collaboration
  • Working across the urban-rural divide

More Information

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