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Graduate Seminar Series

During the fall and spring terms the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department offers a 1 credit seminar, ME 507/ME 607. Speakers from industry and other universities speak on various topics that relate to mechanical engineering. Students must take one term of seminar during their course of study, but are encouraged to attend the weekly seminars every term they are offered, even if they are not registered for credit. All seminars will be held in EB 92, from 15:15 - 16:05, unless otherwise noted. 

Students in ME 507/607 are expected to attend a minimum of 7 of the total seminars. Student attendance is monitored via a sign-in sheet. If you need to make up a seminar attendance you may do so by attending another university-sponsored, technically-focused seminar such as those offered in the Sciences, other Engineering Departments, or Architecture. 

Fall 2017 Seminar Speakers

Seminar Date Speaker Name & Affiliation Title of Presentation

Friday, September 29

Dr. Joseph Teran, University of California- Los Angeles

Elastoplasticity Simulation with the Material Point Method

Friday, October 6

Beenish Zia, Intel

Introduction to High Performance Computing

Friday, October 13

Dr. Sung Yi, Portland State University

Writing a Good Research Paper

Friday, October 20

Dr. Junlan Wang, University of Washington- Seattle

Thermo-mechanical stability of metallic multilayer thin films

Friday, October 27

Dr. Weida Qian, Intel/PSU

An introduction to high volume semiconductor test for mechanical or process engineers

Friday, November 3

Dr. Saquib Ahmed, Intel

Tandem PV Devices- a Realistic Energy Frontier:  Challenges and Innovative Pathways

Friday, November 10

*Closed for Veterans Day*

*No Seminar*

Friday, November 17

Geff McCarthy, MD, MBA, AvMedSafe

Some engineering aspects of evaluating middle ear dysfunction

Friday, November 24

*Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday*

*No Seminar*

Friday, December 1

Dr. Donghua Xu, OSU

Amorphous alloy development and multi-scale modeling of materials kinetics