Student working on CNC mill

Shop Safety & Access

Machine Shop Safety Class

All students must complete the MME Shop Safety Class to be able to work in the Machine Shop. The class is held in two sessions; an online MME Machine Shop Safety Class D2L module and an in-person session. 

The D2L module consists of an informational video, a quiz, the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Machine Shop Agreement, and Machine Shop Access Standards form. The quiz, agreement, and standards form must be completed before you can gain access to the in-person session. Invites for the in-person session will be sent out upon the successful completion of all the above items.

The in-person session is approximately one hour or less (depending on questions) and covers all of the safety requirements and rules of the shop. A brief description of the various machinery and tools is provided, as well as the times and days the shop is available for student use. 

Once both sessions are completed, students will have supervised access to the Machine Shop.

The Machine Shop Safety Class is not required for students who have successfully completed ME 240L or ME 241L at Portland State University.

MME Machine Shop Safety Class D2L Access

Students who do not already have the MME Machine Shop Safety Class D2L module can request access to the module using the Machine Shop Safety D2L Access form. Students will need to login to their PDX Gmail accounts to access the form.

Machine Shop Access

There are three levels of shop access. To gain shop access, all students must have completed the Machine Shop Safety Class (or ME 240L) and complete the MME Machine Shop Safety Class D2L module. Mike Chuning approves all shop access based on students safety class attendance and logged shop hours. If students forget to sign out of the shop, they will only be granted two hours towards their 40-hour requirement for Level Two access.

Access Levels

Level One Access:

Supervised* shop access - Fall 2020 - TBD

Level Two Access:

Unsupervised shop access - Fall 2020 - TBD

  • Must have Level One access
  • Must have completed 40 supervised machine time
  • Must have completed the Shop Keycard Access Request
  • Access must be approved by shop supervisor

Level Three Access:

Unsupervised weekday, weekend and approved university holiday access during posted hours. To use the shop on weekends and holidays, students must fill out the Machine Shop Weekend Access Request Form (found in the D2L module) for every weekend or holiday usage planned.

  • Must have Level Two access
  • Must adhere to the posted shop hours on weekends.
Failure to following any of the above guidelines can result in removal of shop access.

*MCECS staff supervision.