ECE Events

Professor Perkowski speaking at graduation ceremony

ECE Graduation Celebration

Each spring the ECE department holds a celebration of our graduates. This is separate from the main Portland State commencement ceremony.

Congratulations to the ECE Class of 2021!

This year's virtual ceremony can be viewed on our Youtube channel. We hope to go back to an in-person event at the end of the next academic year. More information will be available during winter and spring terms 2022.

PhD student Swetha at PhD Day

PhD Day

Our annual PhD Day includes a keynote speaker, "Three Minute Thesis" presentations, and judged poster session. This event is a requirement for current ECE PhD students.

Alumni Lauren Krueger

Student Appreciation

Each year the ECE department hosts an event that is an appreciation of our students.

senior capstone poster event

ECE Capstone Poster Competition

The senior capstone sequence of ECE 411, 412, and 413 culminates in a poster session each year. Students work in teams with a faculty advisor and industry sponsor to complete their projects and the posters that describe them.


Link to the capstone site.


Most Creative

Team P5:  David Moore, Edward Rees, Mosleh Saleh

Project Title: Flux Magic  

Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Bird

Sponsor: FluxMagic, Inc.  


Best Presentation

Team P3: Juan Piedras Arenas, Martina Nasr, Edgar Ortiz Niño, Dylan Wangrud, Blessing Yumbe

Project Title: Continuous Solutions

Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Bird

Sponsor: Continuous Solutions


Best Project

Team 23:  Seth Rohrbach, Yusmel Pradera, Katie Loseke, Jennifer Jordan

Project Title: Test Stand Automation and Regulation

Faculty Advisor: Renjeng Su

Sponsor: Portland State Aerospace Society


Honorable Mention:  Innovative

Team 8:  Abdullah Almarzouq, Robert Fogg, Ranvir Sandhu, Mai Her

Project Title: Smart Cozy

Faculty Advisor: Melinda Holtzman

Sponsor: Smart Cozy, Co.


Honorable Mention: Design and Execution

Team 1: Matthew Wilson, Devon Mickels, Thomas Nicolas Courcy,  Stephanie Taylor

Project Title: Custom Tester for Sensor-Relay Board

Faculty Advisor: Doug Hall

Sponsor: Nexgarden


Honorable Mention: Well Executed, Thorough Testing

Team 3:  Jonathan Golobay, Aldo Zamora Pacheco, Elijah Penn, Hamed AlSaeghi

Project Title: Elephant Population Monitoring System

Faculty Advisor: Christof Teuscher

Sponsor: SightLine Applications Inc


Honorable Mention: Comprehensive Solution, Well Executed

Team 22:  Kelly Makinster, Miles Breslin, Daniel Sayenko, Daniel Bublik

Project Title: Realtime Mobile Dashboard for Manufacturing  

Faculty Advisor: Yuchen Huang

Sponsor: Northwest Fourslide