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3:05 PM
September 16th, 2020

PSU ALERT: Due to poor air quality, PSU will continue to suspend on-campus operations through Friday (9/18/20). Non-essential employees should work from home if possible. Employees currently assigned to work remotely are not impacted by this suspension of on-campus work. Updates will be on


ECE Faculty

Academic Faculty

Robert Bass, Associate Professor
Power Engineering
Ph.D. University of Virginia

Jonathan Bird, Associate Professor
Power Engineering
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin Madison

David Burnett, Assistant Professor
Wireless sensor systems
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
Phone TBD

Richard Campbell, Associate Professor, IEEE Life Fellow
RFIC Design
Ph.D. University of Washington

Malgorzata Chrzanowska-Jeske, Professor
Design Automation
Ph.D. Auburn University

Donald Duncan, Research Professor, Associate Chair
Physical and Statistical Optics
Ph.D. Ohio State University

Mark Faust, Assistant Professor
Computer Architecture
M.S.E.E. Carnegie-Mellon University

Garrison Greenwood, Associate Professor
Computational Intelligence
Ph.D. University of Washington

Douglas V. Hall, Associate Professor
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Ph.D. Portland State University

Dan Hammerstrom, Professor Emeritus, IEEE Life Fellow
Biologically Inspired Computing Structures
Ph.D. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Melinda Holtzman, Senior Instructor II
Electronics and Engineering Education
Ph.D. University of Nevada, Reno

Yuchen Huang, Instructor
Computer Architecture
M.S. Portland State University

Roy Kravitz, Senior Instructor, Westside Program Director
Embedded Systems and FPGA System-On-Chip Design
M.S.E.E. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Fu Li, Professor
Ph.D. University of Rhode Island

John Lipor, Assistant Professor
Signal Processing & Machine Learning
Ph.D. University of Michigan

James McNames, Professor,
Signal Processing
Ph.D. Stanford University

Branimir Pejčinović, Professor
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Marek A. Perkowski, Professor
Intelligent Robotics
Ph.D. Technical University of Warsaw, Poland

Tom Schubert, Instructor
Design Verification and Validation
Ph.D. University of California, Davis

Martin Siderius, Maseeh Professor, ASA Fellow, Department Chair
Acoustics and Electromagnetics
Ph.D. University of Washington

Xiaoyu Song, Professor
Design Automation and Formal Methods
Ph.D. University of Pisa, Italy

Renjeng Su, Professor, IEEE Fellow
Feedback Systems, Technology and Society
D.Sc. Washington University, St. Louis

Christof Teuscher, Professor
Emerging Computing Paradigms and Architectures
Ph.D. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland

Richard Tymerski, Associate Professor
Power Electronics
Ph.D. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University



Emeritus Faculty

Lee Casperson
Professor Emeritus, IEEE Fellow
Optics and Lasers
Ph.D. California Institute of Technology

W. Robert Daasch
Professor Emeritus
IC Design and Test 
Ph.D. University of Washington
George G. Lendaris
Professor Emeritus, IEEE Fellow
Computational Intelligence
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley

James E. Morris, Professor Emeritus, IEEE Fellow 
Nanoelectronics Packaging 
Ph.D. University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Jack C. Riley
Associate Professor Emeritus

Rolf Schaumann
Professor Emeritus, IEEE Fellow
Analog Circuit Design
Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Lisa M. Zurk, Professor Emeritus, ASA Fellow
Electromagnetics and Acoustics
Ph.D. University of Washington

Joint Appointments

Erik Sanchez
Associate Professor of Physics and ECE
Ph.D. Portland State University

Raj Solanki
Professor of Physics and ECE
Ph.D. Colorado State University

Research Appointments

John Acken, Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Ph.D. Stanford University  

Andrew Greenberg, Associate
M.S. Portland State University

Charles Holland, Research Professor
Acoustical Oceanography
Ph.D. Penn State University

Daniel Rouseff, Adjunct Research Associate Professor
Electromagnetics and Acoustics
Ph.D. University of Washington

Glenn Shirley, Adjunct Research Associate Professor
IC Assembly/Test, Quality and Reliability
Ph.D. Arizona State University

Ivan Sutherland, Visiting Scientist, ACM Fellow
Asychronous Research Center
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Eric Wan, Research Associate Professor
Ph.D. Stanford University


Adjunct Faculty

Tareque Ahmad

Muhammad Ali

Yakut Ali

Guy AlLee

Jonathan Anchell

Ian Beil

David Chiang

Zeshan Chishti

Brian Cruikshank

Jessica Grafeen

Jasur Hanbaba

Tyler Hull

Shauna Jensen

Kooho Jung

Mark Martin

Brian McGarvey

Betsy Natter

Shannon Nelson

Ataur Patwary

Luis Perez

Linda Rankin

Mihir Ravil

John Rieman

Erick Schafermeyer

Song Wang

PJ Waskiewicz

Ted Willke

Phillip Wong

Chun-Yu (Joseph) Yang