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Internship and Career Opportunities for ECE Students

Undergraduate Internship Opportunities

We will have more information on the Engineering Work Experience (EWX) and the Multiple Engineering Co-op Program (MECOP) updated soon.

Graduate Internship Opportunities

More information on the Co-op program and relevant forms will be added soon. Some general information is provided below.

M.S. students can use up to eight credits of ECE 504 internship work as part of their nine elective credits for a coursework-only M.S. program or as part of their twelve elective credits for a thesis M.S. program. The co-op work must involve some type of design work to qualify, as these are graduate level credits and therefore need to be equivalent to graduate level classes.

Students obtain co-op position offers by submitting applications to appropriate companies.

To enroll in ECE 504, U.S. citizens register via banweb after they are granted an override by department staff and submit an ECE co-op and liability release form. These must be approved by the faculty adviser and Graduate Program Director before submission.

An international student must have completed three full-time terms as an enrolled M.S. student, be enrolled in ECE 504 co-op as Curricular Practical Training, and must need the ECE 504 credits as part of their nine credits of graduate electives for coursework-only M.S. or as part of their twelve credits of graduate electives for the thesis M.S. Therefore, to be eligible for co-op work, they need to save some of their elective credits.

International Students must also submit the following items to the PSU Office of International Affairs: Curricular Practical Training (CPT) form, a copy of their offer letter, and if in their final term and taking less that 9 credits, a Reduced Courseload form. These forms must be signed by the faculty advisor and the Graduate Program Director before submission.


CPT instructions for ECE graduate students

Coop Internship Agreement Form (only needed for the first term of the internship)

Course Plan for Terms

Career Opportunities

Our goal is to help you succeed when you graduate, and for most students, that means a job. Whether you plan to stay in the Portland area or not, the ECE Department offers opportunities to increase your chances of pursuing the career you want. Please visit the Maseeh College Career Services page for more information on career advising for students.

We will have more information on this page soon.