A Message from the President

Promoting equity and justice at PSU is the most important work of my presidency. It will allow PSU to live up to our mission and our aspirations. This work is complex and layered, requiring care, thought and time. I will continue to listen, learn and build my capacity to lead this work.

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Virtual Equity Summit

President Stephen Percy and Vice President Ame Lambert convened five cross-campus task groups to organize the Equity Summit and developed a learning and action agenda to make our vision for a racially just and equitable future a reality at Portland State University.

More than 500 students, faculty, staff, alumni and community members came together on October 30, 2020 to co-create that vision.

Task Forces

The work is organized according to a five dimension framework adapted from the two most popular DEI frameworks in higher education: the Inclusive Excellence framework and Smith’s Framework for Fostering Diversity and Inclusion.

  1. Access, Success and Equity
  2. Employee Access, Success and Equity
  3. Campus Climate and Intergroup Relations
  4. Education, Scholarship and Service
  5. Leadership and Infrastructure

Next Steps

The task forces are now preparing three primary recommendations in each of their subject areas. These 15 priorities will be vetted by the campus in a few months and the most popular will qualify for funding through the Racial Equity and Justice Fund.

We seek to have data-informed strategies and look for the stories that are discovered when we disaggregate and intersect data in a variety of ways. For questions and more information, please email diversity@pdx.edu.

Imagine a just and equitable PSU

Participants were asked to collectively envision the PSU they wanted to see and recorded their insights, goals and ideals in beautiful graphics.

"Until our new ways become now ways" - Ame Lambert

PSU in five years

Participants were asked to tell the story about this PSU in 2025. What is happening? Who is involved? What practices and policies exist? What outcomes and metrics speak to equity?

Existing Efforts and Promising Practices

Our work will draw from and advance the great work that has been done by different bodies on campus including the Diversity Action Council, affinity groups and ad hoc task forces that are focused on the needs of various BIPOC communities.

We invite the PSU community to share other existing efforts and promising practices on campus via our efforts and practices form.