Campus Sustainability Office

The Campus Sustainability Office works to make our campus greener.

The Campus Sustainability Office (CSO) fosters partnerships across departments and disciplines that nourish institutional stewardship of our environment and support a growing culture of sustainability within PSU. We aim to align operations, policies, and planning with PSU's conservation and sustainability goals. CSO values reciprocal communication, striving both to educate as well as respond to the campus community.

To support this mission, CSO:

  • Leads planning efforts to ensure continuous improvement in resource conservation at PSU
  • Benchmarks PSU's sustainability performance
  • Facilitates collaboration and builds capacity to implement sustainability projects on campus
  • Supports students, faculty & staff in becoming conservation leaders

Sustainability Principles:

  • Resource conservation and stewardship
  • Living within the limits of our ecosystem
  • Understanding the interconnections among economy, society, and environment
  • An adaptive, changing process; not a finite destination
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Learn about campus sustainability efforts in these categories:

Energy          Water         Purchasing       Waste          Dining        Land Use    Transport    Climate Action









We are proud to be a certified PSU Healthy Department!