Land Use

Properly managing stormwater runoff, reducing use of chemicals, conserving the urban tree canopy, and utilizing diverse, native plantings can help mitigate climate change and provide benefits to our ecosystem and watershed.

What PSU is doing:

  • We are an official Bee Campus USA

  • Salmon-Safe certified Campus.

  • Recognized as an official Tree Campus USA for the last five years. View the Tree Care Plan for campus, adopted in 2014.

  • Integrated pest management (IPM) plan completed in 2012 guides sustainable landscape maintenance. 

  • 98% decrease in pesticide use between 2007 and 2010.

  • Storm water management techniques such as bioswales, pervious planters, eco-roofs, and storm water planters located throughout campus. For more details, please see our Water page.

  • Clean Air Corridor along the park blocks prohibits smoking and the creation of air pollutants such as exhaust from idling vehicles and leaf blowers.

  • Native and drought tolerant plant species prioritized in landscaping.

  • The 12 "Park Blocks" that bisect our campus are Portland’s oldest park and provide greenspace and tree canopy.

  • Campus orchard at 12th & Montgomery houses fruit trees and the campus apiary--See the Student Sustainability Center's page to learn more.

  • Green roofs on several buildings provide additional greenspace and pervious surface. (See Water and Green Buildings pages for more info.).