Land Use & Management Practices

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Open Space On Campus

PSU seeks to maintain a vibrant urban campus landscape that provides an attractive and functional linkage to the built environment and natural areas surrounding the campus. With the expansion of campus over time, creating an open space plan provides guidance for the University to ensure that PSU will continue to value and create multifunctional landscapes across campus.  

Through community outreach and in partnership with the Campus Planning Office and support from the Student Sustainability Center, the Campus Sustainability Office has conducted focus group interviews, an informal student survey and invited students, faculty, staff and community members to participate in hands-on visioning workshops to identify the principles that should guide the open space plan. A draft of the plan is expected to be completed by fall 2018.

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Guiding Principles 

Reflecting PSU’s commitment to sustainable practices, the goal of the open space plan is to create a strong sense of place, promote student success, support academics, research and outreach, as well as strengthen access and connectivity.  Through outreach, the following principles have been created to help develop the open space plan and concepts.


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Open Space Plan

What benefits do Portland State’s gardens, parks, plazas and eco roofs offer to the campus community? How can we ensure these space best serve campus needs? These are just some of the questions that are addressed in PSU’s Open Space Plan.  

Sustainable sites initiative

PSU is a SITES community partner. Land is a crucial component of the built environment and can be planned, designed, developed and maintained to protect and enhance the benefits we derive from healthy functioning landscapes. SITES helps create ecologically resilient communities. 

Proposed Designs

Oak Savanna

Located at SW 10th and Montgomery, the Oak Savanna is a critical open space that sees heavy use by the campus community serving many roles: outdoor classroom, recreation field, meditation space. In February 2017, PSU began working with landscape architecture firm Studios to develop a design concept. View the proposed plan for the Oak Savanna & share your thoughts.

SW 11th Avenue 

Located on the west side of campus, SW 11th Ave is a primary location for an enhanced northern gateway to campus. The gateway can incorporate new buildings and open spaces to create a sense of entry into the PSU campus and activate 11th Ave as a high quality, pedestrian-friendly campus street. Partnering again with landscape architecture firm Studios, a design concept has been developed for this key gateway street.

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