Sustainability at PSU

At Portland State, we recognize that there are many definitions and notions of sustainability. Bringing these definitions to life means recognizing the interconnections of social, environmental, and economic systems, and the need to take an integrated approach to addressing systemic inequities present in our systems to build healthy, just, and resilient communities.

Sustainability is a core part of our identity and culture at PSU, and requires knowledge from every field.

As such, sustainability at Portland State is not based in any single department. Instead, it spans the University to unite creative thinkers from across campus and throughout our community. In addition to being distributed throughout University culture, there are three organizations serving as anchors for Sustainability at PSU:

Student Sustainability Center
Planning & Sustainability Office
Institute for Sustainable Solutions

Our work is highly collaborative, with each department playing a unique role in Sustainability at PSU.

eco roof

Creating a just, resilient future

Sustainability at PSU is a community, network, and framework for working together. There is so much work to be done to create a healthy and just future and at PSU, we believe our students, faculty, and staff will help to create that future through innovative and adaptive design, research, and solutions.

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