Green Revolving Fund

Driving energy and water savings

Green Revolving Fund


Green revolving fund graphic show how Utility savings and $500k seed go into a circular fund that funds projects on campus

The Green Revolving Fund (GRF) provides funding for efficiency projects across campus that support energy and water use reduction and climate action goals. It is a revolving fund in that a portion of the savings generated from each funded project are put back into the fund in order for it to sustain, grow, and fund additional projects over time.

In 2013 PSU's GRF was created with $500,000 "seed" from the State of Oregon for capital improvements. Since then, the fund has grown to over $1.5 million with these inputs:

  • savings from the University utility budget,
  • energy incentive rebates from the Energy Trust of Oregon,
  • and voluntary travel offset program funds.

To date, the GRF has supported over 15 projects and resulted in an anticipated energy savings of over $250,000 annually. 

With the GRF, PSU is part of the Billion Dollar Green Challenge, which encourages colleges, universities, and other nonprofit institutions to invest a combined total of one billion dollars in self-managed revolving funds that finance energy efficiency improvements.

Mechanical room with gas boiler

Do you have an energy or water efficiency project you would like to see implemented in a general education space on campus? Propose a GRF project to the Project Selection Committee.

Project Selection Committee

Projects are selected using the criteria listed here by a committee consisting of the following members:

  • Elliott Gall - Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Assistant Professor
  • Jenny McNamara - Campus Sustainability Office, Director
  • Amanda Wolf - Campus Sustainability Office, Program + Assessment Coordinator
  • Quinn Soifer - Capital Projects & Construction, Technical Services Manager
  • Cary Morris - Facilities & Property Management, Assistant Director of Operations and Maintenance

The Green Revolving Fund is managed by the Campus Sustainability Office in collaboration with Facilities & Property Management, Capital Projects & Construction, Engineering faculty, and the Planning, Construction, and Real Estate finance team.

GRF Project Archive

Building Project Description Estimated Cost Estimated Annual Utility Savings Estimated Payback Status / Year Complete
Richard and Maurine Neuberger Center Retrocommissioning to identify and make energy efficiency improvements $75,000 $9,195 8 In progress
Science Research & Teaching Center Clean cooling coils to improve efficiency $5,048 $20,000 1 In progress
Science Research & Teaching Center Replace aging refrigerators and freezers in Biology labs with ENERGY STAR appliances $14,800 $1,500 7 In progress
Engineering Building Replace aging chiller with VFD chiller $121,000 $10,500 9 In progress
Hoffman Hall Install occupancy senors $7,500 $1,120 7 Completed 2019
Science Research & Teaching Center Install Zenn Valve to reduce turbulence from water going through meter to reduce water usage $30,000 $40,000 1 Completed 2019
Science Building One Install heat recovery chiller and electric domestic hot water heater to reduce load on campus loop boilers by shutting down steam to SB1 in summer $531,000 $54,000 10 Completed 2018
Science Research & Teaching Center Heat recovery chiller that uses energy captured while cooling to heat other buildings $390,000 $48,000 8 Completed 2018
Richard and Maurine Neuberger Center Replace electric boiler for energy efficient natural gas boiler $271,000 $30,500 9 Completed 2018
Millar Library Stairwell lighting upgrade to LED $6,500 $2,325 3 Completed 2017
Lincoln Hall Convert extraction well into injection well to operate CH chiller plant without dumping well water down storm drain $259,000 $28,000 9 Completed 2017
Urban Center Building Enhance motion sensors $97,000 $14,700 7 Completed 2016
Science Building One Outside lighting controls/timers so that lights are on for dark hours only $10,500 $2,500 4 Completed 2015
Campus Buildings Enhance efficiency of buildings' morning warm up and cooling controls $11,000 $2,100 5 Completed 2015
Hoffman Hall Switch to LED lighting fixtures $62,000 $8,000 8 Completed 2015
University Center Building Retrocommissioning to identify and make energy efficiency improvements $18,000 $2,250 4 Completed 2015
Millar Library Retrocommissioning & demand ventilation $141,000 $48,000 3 Completed 2015
Millar Library, East Hall, Cramer Hall Lavatory fixture replacements $34,000 $10,750 3 Completed 2014