Student Sustainability Center
Connect with the Student Sustainability Center to build community, get involved, practice your leadership skills, and find your place. Our programs and resources are designed for students who want to create positive change on campus and beyond. Choose your own adventure and thrive!


Stop by our Center, join one of our programs, check out our resources, attend an event, or connect with us online to find your place within PSU's thriving student sustainability community. The SSC is here to support students' success and help create a more healthy, regenerative world.


Find us | 503-725-5598

Smith M104
1825 SW Broadway

Portland, OR 97201

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Winter term office hours (Jan 7-March 15):

*Note: Winter office hours were updated on Feb 11 due to changes in staffing availability.

Mondays: 10am-3pm

Tuesdays: 3pm-6pm
Thursdays: 10am-2pm

Fridays: 10am-12pm


Upcoming Events (open to all PSU students):

  • Sustainable Development Goals Workshop and Service (Wed, 2/20 from 12-2 in Smith 238; service from 2:15-3:30 in Smith Garden)
  • Beekeeping 101 Workhop (Fri, Feb 22 from 12-2pm (Smith M108) - Want to learn about bees, beekeeping, and ways to get involved? In this hands-on workshop, local expert Tim Wessels will talk about beginner beekeeping in the PNW. Following that, a Q&A session, hands-on activities such as making pollinator-friendly seed packets, identifying native bee species, handling beekeeping equipment, and a bee-themed raffle. RSVP for this workshop here.
  • Winter Field Trip to Silver Falls State Park and the Oregon Gardens (Sat, Feb 23 - time TBA); contact to learn more
  • Mid-term Meetup for SSC programs (TBA)
  • Portland Sustainability Symposium (Fri, 3/8 from 10am-6pm at PCC)


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