Student Sustainability Center

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About Our Program

Connect with the Student Sustainability Center to build community, get involved, practice your leadership skills, and find your place. Our programs and resources are designed for students who want to create positive change on campus and beyond. Choose your own adventure and thrive!

I look at my task force and see students from vastly different walks of life come together to talk about how physical, emotional, and spiritual accessibility are inherently tied to sustainability. We not only discuss the importance of cultural sustainability and how to center intersecting justice issues, but we also create programming with these ideals in mind that involve and benefit PSU students.- Arlene Amaya, Former Cultural Sustainability Coordinator

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission: To be an accessible hub that integrates sustainability with the student experience through transformational learning opportunities.

Our Vision: The SSC empowers all students to be keepers of an interdependent, healthy, regenerative world.


Learn from Student's Experiences in our Programs

My experience with the SSC has been the most valuable addition to my professional resume to date and has strengthened my confidence as a student and educator. Casey McCarthy, Former Garden Coordinator

I had a weekly opportunity to put my professional interests into practice with a diverse, interdisciplinary, and welcoming team of fellow students in meaningful service to the campus community; I was able to collaborate with students of design, social practice, and science towards goals that could not have been accomplished from any one perspective alone. It was also a much-needed weekly break from the pressures of my academic life. - Eric Butler, Garden task force volunteer

SSC played a strong role in connecting my environmental science and sustainability coursework to my community and city. -Kristen Purdy, Former Green Council Member