CES is a research and service unit of PSU that provides opportunities for students to get real world experience in waste management, preparing them for careers.  In the process, they provide excellent technical assistance and research for partners looking to minimize their waste.

We do comprehensive, hands-on research to give you a clear picture of your organization’s waste stream and the impact it has on the environment and your organization’s costs. (Yes, by “hands on” we mean that our research often involves sorting through trash—but we don’t mind.)

We identify opportunities for improving waste management and make data-based recommendations for improvements.

We put knowledge to work to serve the community by finding sustainable solutions to real-world problems 

We research waste management challenges that real organizations face. We test solutions, and contribute best practices to the waste management field. 

We educate by hiring students to do supervised work, including research, project management, and outreach. Our partners are proud to give students hands-on experience in sustainability, while benefiting from their creative ideas to solve problems. 

For over 30 years, CES has offered the opportunity for students to accomplish work in professional, collaborative settings, providing sustainability career experience with various businesses and municipalities. CES staff work on a variety of projects that further their academic and professional goals.


CES continues to conduct fieldwork and maintain safe and conscientious work policies.

Our program administrator holds office hours virtually and in-person. Please email cesadmin@pdx.edu or call 503-725-8469 (if urgent) to communicate with CES.

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