Other Programs

Graduate Assistanceships:

Graduate Assistanceships provide partial remission of the instructional fee portion of tuition and a salary on a regular periodic basis as compensation for the service provided each term of the appointment. For more information on Graduate Assistanceships, please see the Office of Graduate Studies.


Resident Assistanceships:

Resident Assistants (RAs) will receive compensation for their work in the form of rent remission, standard utilities, local phone service, and a meal plan through Victor's Dining Hall while it remains open. For more information, please contact Housing and Residence Life


Federal Perkins Loans: 

For information regarding eligibility for and repayment of Federal Perkins Loans, please see our Federal Perkins Loan information page. 


Tuition Equity Bill: 

If you believe you qualify for Oregon state resident tuition rates under the Tuition Equity Bill, please contact the Office of Admissions


University Staff:

If you are a staff member at PSU or one of our partner institutions, or you are a family member of a staff member, you may qualify for Staff Fee Privileges. For information on Staff Fee Privileges, please see the Office of Human Resources.

Four Years Free Program: 

For more information on the PSU Four Years Free program, please consult the program webpage