About Us

Student Financial Services provides support for students, faculty/staff, and partners in the following areas:

Cashiering Services

Student Accounts

Student Collections

ID Card Services



Student Financial Services assists students in understanding the many facets of their financial obligation to the University. We help students by providing them with timely information about their student financial accounts and payment records.

Student Financial Services also runs the Financial Wellness Center, a free resource for PSU students that is dedicated to providing them with the personal finance skills that will allow them to cultivate fiscally responsible and secure lives and careers.  



What Student Financial Services Does:

  • Maintains Banner tuition and fee tables, as well as other A/R tables
  • Maintains detail code tables
  • Coordinates cashiering, receivables, collections and ID card services staff
  • Processes and delivers fee verification requests
  • Houses third-party billing staff and offices
  • Develops processes and procedures for the office
  • Issues 1098-T forms
  • Processes and collects Perkins Loans
  • Operates the Financial Wellness Center for students and parents
  • Responds to questions and concerns regarding student accounts


Release of Student Records:

Do you need us to speak with someone about your account when you are not present? The Portland State University Records Policy, in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), requires written consent from students to authorize disclosure of non-directory information from their record, including financial and billing information. If you are dealing with a party that has requested this information, such as a parent or employer, please go to the Forms and Policies page where you can print a Student Records Release to fill out and submit to the Registrar's Office. For more information on FERPA or the Student Records Release form, refer to PSU's privacy policy.


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