Four Years Free

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Four Years Free

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Portland State is making Oregon’s most affordable research university even more affordable by giving four years of free tuition to eligible Oregon students. Our Four Years Free program is just one way we help you graduate on time with as little debt as possible.

It’s like getting a full scholarship but without a separate application. All applicants are automatically considered for Four Years Free, no separate application is required.

Four Years Free is an institutional aid program that covers standard tuition and mandatory fees for eligible Oregon high school graduates who enroll full-time. The program covers remaining standard tuition and mandatory fees after financial aid is applied. Initial awards are calculated at 15 credit hours per term and the amount is finalized at the end of the second week of the term when registration closes.

Differential tuition and fees are assessed separately for certain academic programs and students are responsible for covering those additional charges. 

Four Years Free money does not cover room and board, books and supplies, transportation or personal expenses.


The qualifying GPA for Four Years Free has been changed from 3.20 to a cumulative, unweighted 3.08 for high school seniors admitted for fall term 2020.

Students must meet all of the requirements below:

  • Oregon resident
  • Oregon high school graduate
  • 3.20 cumulative unweighted high school GPA
  • Pell Grant-eligible according to FAFSA
  • First-time PSU student
  • Enroll full time (12 to 15 credits per term)
  • Start in fall term

Review the official Four Years Free policy for more details on maintaining eligibility.


We want you to get as much financial support as possible when you submit your application to Portland State. We will automatically consider you for Four Years Free if you meet the eligibility requirements. Make sure to meet these deadlines to stay on track: 

June 1

August 1

  • Submit final high school transcripts
  • Accept all state and federal grants

Four Years Free Notification

Students will be notified that they are enrolled in the Four Years Free program via email and their financial award. Students who are enrolled in the Four Years Free program, but whose other grants and scholarships cover their standard tuition and mandatory fees may receive Four Years Free money from Portland State University if their grants and scholarships do not cover the full cost of standard tuition and mandatory fees.

Maintaining Four Years Free

Students who are in the Four Years Free program may continue receiving it throughout their undergraduate education (up to 12 consecutive terms of full time enrollment—summer term is not included in the program) by maintaining a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA, remaining eligible for the Pell grant and completing the FAFSA each year by February 1.