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Measles Vaccine Requirement

The State of Oregon and Portland State University requires that all university students must show immunity to measles.

  • Domestic Students: Students who have not completed the measles vaccine requirement receive one grace term to complete the requirement. If they do not complete the requirement after that term, they will have their registration for all future terms blocked.
  • International Students: International students must complete the requirement prior to their first term of attendance. International students who have not completed the measles vaccine requirement will have their registration blocked and will be unable to attend classes.

Steps to Completing PSU's MMR Requirements

Step One: Download and print the form

Forms are located on the Download Forms webpage.

Step Two: Obtain your vaccination records

There are multiple ways to obtain your records and/or meet the MMR requirement:

  • Talk to your parent/guardian for records information
  • Talk to your medical provider for records information
  • Get a Titer test to show immunity
  • Get vaccinated or revaccinated at SHAC: Vaccinations can be obtained through the Center for Student Health & Counseling for a fee. The vaccination is free for students with the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan. Vaccinations are available for eligible students on an appointment basis. Call 503.725.2800 to make an appointment.
  • Meet a Medical or Non-Medical* Exemption requirement (see form for details)

Step Three: Submit your completed form

Please note: No medical records or documentation are necessary. Simply complete the form. If you submit documentation, it will be shredded.


Center for Student Health & Counseling
Mail Code: SHAC
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207


Fax white paper only to 503.725.5812


Submit a scanned copy to


Submit questions to, or call the MMR information line at 503.725.2800, Option 1.








*Change to Non-Medical Exemptions

Under the Oregon State Immunization Law, as of March 1, 2014, those claiming a non-medical exemption are required to complete either an online tutorial or a consultation with a health care provider. See form for more details.