Health Services Provided

SHAC Primary Health Care Clinic Offerings

Eligible Students

Eligible students can see a medical provider at no charge. The PSU Pacific Source Student Health Insurance Plan will cover most labs and x-rays. Students with non-PSU Insurance can receive a receipt to bill their own insurance for labs and x-rays. The SHAC Cost and Billing's webpage has detailed information on this process. Medications dispensed at SHAC will be billed to either the PacificSource Student Health Insurance Plan or the student account, depending on what coverage the student has.


SHAC offers a Snellen eye chart test and can make supportive optometry and ophthalmology referrals for any SHAC eligible student. The PSU Student Health Insurance plan does not cover vision. 

Visualeyes offers discounts to all PSU students, providing comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings, LASIK consultations, and treatment of eye infections, injuries, and most other eye diseases. Basic pricing as of Spring 2018: $75 comprehensive eye exam . $50-$75 contact lens fitting (depending on complexity) $75 single vision lenses and 40% off all frames. 

Address: 1962 SW Broadway (Broadway Building)
Phone: 503-227-0632

Trans Health

The 2017-2018 PSU Student Health Insurance Plan brochure, including plan information, benefits summary, and trans healthcare benefits will be available by September 8, 2017. For benefits questions until then, contact the SHAC Insurance Team at or 503.725.2495.

If you have questions regarding Trans healthcare at PSU and/or insurance coverage please contact Student Health Advisor and Trans Health Advocate: Nick Walden Poublon at 503.725.2800 or To make an appointment at SHAC call the front desk at 503.725.2800.

Flu Vaccination

SHAC strongly encourages those who fit the CDC criteria for "Persons for Whom Annual Vaccination is Recommended" to get their flu shot. Please note, SHAC only carries a limited number of vaccinations each academic year. To find an additional location that has flu vaccinations please visit the HealthMap Vaccine Finder.

Cost & Availability of SHAC Flu Vaccination

quadrivalent influenza vaccine that protects against four types of influenza virus, and is preservative-free is now available to any SHAC eligible student.

The cost of the vaccination is a fully covered benefit for students with the PSU Student Health Insurance Plan. Students who waived the PSU Student Health Insurance will be charged $19.80 to their PSU student account. A student can request a receipt to submit to their private insurer for possible reimbursement.

Patients Right and Responsibilities

We advocate for Patients Rights and Responsibilities and encourage all our patients to become familiar with our policy. For information or to schedule an appointment call 503.725.2800.