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Health Services

Let Us Know How We're Doing

You can use our contact form to send us feedback about Health Services. Go to our contact form, and select "Student Feedback" from the drop down menu.

Health Services enhances overall health and safety by providing primary health care to students, health education, outreach activities, and emergency care. Through the promotion of lifelong healthy attitudes and behaviors, students are aided in achieving their academic and personal goals, thus enabling them to fully realize their responsibilities to self and community. All eligible students are able to use Health Services.

Is English your second language? The Health Information Translations's website can help with translating health information.

All our services are confidential.


Online Patient Portal

SHAC's Health Services and Counseling Services is pleased to offer a new Patient Portal service called Open Communicator. You can schedule some basic appointments, communicate with medical providers, complete forms ahead of time, update your required health insurance and immunization information, and more. To log in to Open Communicator, go to the MyChart patient portal.