BH314 Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, and Retention

BH314 Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, and Retention

About This Course

This course leads participants through the talent acquisition process, focusing on selection principles, retention applications, and best practices to onboard and retain talent at all levels, with a special focus on employee engagement. It familiarizes HR professionals with the landscape of the current talent pool and the changing work environment. Instructors will take a holistic view of the talent acquisition process and give participants strategies to help them make smarter hiring decisions and predict job performance in alignment with culture and job requirements.


Course Snapshot

Course delivered in a virtual format with live instructor & student interaction

4 times per year (Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer)


2 days, 8:00am - 4:30pm

Cost: $629

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What You’ll Learn

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the knowledge to:

  • Define job performance and understand legal requirements in the selection process;
  • Understand and apply sourcing and talent acquisition strategies;
  • Understand the recruiting and staffing trends affecting the workforce;
  • Apply competency modeling in the job analysis process and incorporate competencies in the recruitment and selection process;
  • Examine the success factors important in the hiring process;
  • Deepen diversity pools;
  • Understand the principles of employee engagement, satisfaction, and organizational culture and their effect on retention.

The Learning Environment

This course is delivered in a virtual format and combines lectures, discussions, and group activities. 

Courses may be taken individually and in any order unless otherwise noted. Six courses are required to complete the certificate. If pursuing the certificate, all courses in the certificate program must be completed within three years. Visit the program page for a recommended sequence.