National Policy Consensus Center
Building Capacity for Solving Community Challenges Together

The National Policy Consensus Center is a leader nationally and in Oregon for providing the knowledge, skills, and approaches needed for communities, leaders, and organizations from all sectors to address challenges together. We provide the following:


Programs for

Community Solutions

We have state and national programs that help diverse communities work together to develop public policy, resolve conflict, and leverage resources to implement community-based solutions.

Education and Training

We offer an Online Collaborative Governance Graduate Certificate. We also teach collaborative decision making and collaborative action in our customized professional training.

  Research and Publications

We conduct research and produce publications to identify success factors and share the best practices of collaborative action.





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Online Collaborative Governance Graduate Certificate

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USP584 Negotiation in the Public Sector. Negotiations are pervasive in public sector activities - from one-on-one interpersonal to multi-stakeholder decision making. This course considers conventional and innovative negotiation strategies in public sector activities. Key components include negotiation theory, strategic analysis of multi-stakeholder decision processes, and individual skills building. Learn more about the instructor, Dr. Connie Ozawa.

For information about the online Collaborative Governance Graduate Certificate see our certificate page. Also, watch the video to learn more about how collaborative governance and the certificate program are making a difference.

Classes begin on Monday, June 25, 2018. To register, see our certificate admission page.


Governor Announces Urban-Rural Ambassadors Summer Institute

Governor Brown at Eastern Oregon UniversityGovernor Kate Brown has announced a new partnership between Eastern Oregon University (EOU) and Portland State University (PSU) to increase collaboration and understanding across the urban-rural divide.

"Our goal is to create a new pipeline of future leaders," the Governor told a crowd gathered at EOU on April 26, 2018, (photo right). "It will challenge students - whether from Pendleton or Portland - to provide creative solutions that meet the needs of our diverse communities and support our local thriving economies."

The universities have joined together with the help of Oregon Solutions to establish the Urban-Rural Ambassador Program, a two-week, six-credit residential institute to engage students in exploring urban and rural communities in Oregon, and to develop the collaboration and problem-solving skills that seek common ground in urban and rural Oregon. Dean Stephen Percy of Portland State and Dean Nathan Lowe of Eastern Oregon University will be convening the project. For more information see the Oregon Solutions website.


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