After you have submitted the Federal Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) and the PSU scholarship application, explore these other education assistance programs.

College Savings Plans


Review the Oregon College Savings Plan |


IDA |An Individual Development Account is a matching fund savings account where the administering agency may match the amount that you save. While there are several agencies that offer these types of accounts in Oregon, start your search here:  


Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

You can use your Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to pay for current educational expenses at a PSU.  Students fully admitted into a degree or certificate granting program may use their award up to their Cost of Attendance, less other financial aid.  Non-admitted students may use their award only for educational expenses, generally the cost of the course.  AmeriCorps sends the awards to PSU in installments, half at the start of the term and half at the midpoint. 

Outside Additional Scholarships


Search for additional outside scholarships:  


Additional Education Loans


Federal Loans for Parents | If you are a dependent student, your parent may be eligible to borrow a federal Parent PLUS loan. Information about the federal parent loan option is available here:


Alternative Education Loans | After you have reviewed your federal student loan options, you may wish to review the private education loan options. Many lending agencies have a secondary education loan which is also called a school certified private loan. You can compare lending agencies with loan products which PSU has historically certified here:  


Student Employment


Explore student employment options here: 




Explore Co-enrollment with our community college partners:


Payment Plan

Explore the PSU Tuition Payment Plan: