Financial Aid Programs

PSU awards federal, state, and institutional financial aid to more than 18,000 students each year.

After you apply, your financial aid applications are processed by the Financial Aid Office and you are then sent a financial aid award letter with all of the types of financial aid that you are eligible for.

Your financial aid is based on full-time, fall-winter-spring term attendance.  The amounts of your awards, including scholarships you receive from PSU and outside agencies, will be divided equally per term. In general, the financially neediest applicants who apply by the priority deadline are awarded grants, work-study, and loans; the least financially needy applicants are awarded federal student loans only.

Eligibility for most kinds of aid is based on federally defined need (FAFSA).  Eligibility for some kinds of aid is also based on high school or college grades, enrollment level (full-time or part-time), class standing (freshman, sophomore, etc.), academic major, state of legal residence, and other factors.

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Grants. Federal, State, School.

Scholarships at PSU

Work. Work study, Employment.

Loans. Federal, Private, Parent.

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