Indoor Air Quality Program

PSU is committed to maintaining safe and healthy indoor air quality environments for the campus community. PSU's Facilities and Property Management (FPM) Department manages the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in campus buildings with the goal of meeting or exceeding industry performance standards regarding ventilation, temperature, relative humidity, air quality, odor, noise, and lighting.  

EHS works collaboratively with FPM to help identify, remediate, and maintain acceptable indoor air quality parameters in compliance with national standards established by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).  

If you have questions or concerns with the indoor air quality within buildings on campus, please contact the Facilities Work Control Center to submit a work request.  A member of EHS will be in contact to discuss the concern and, in certain situations, perform air quality sampling to compare conditions to industry standards. 

For urgent or potentially emergency situations, such as a natural gas smell, please call the Work Control Center to ensure a timely response: 503-725-2FIX (2349).

COVID-19 and Indoor Air Quality

As part of PSU's COVID-19 response efforts, many buildings on campus have undergone an upgrade to their air filtration system. Studies have found that MERV-13 filters, and better, are successful in filtering out the COVID-19 virus. In buildings where these air filters can be installed, PSU's FPM Team has diligently done so. Below is a list of buildings that have had these filters installed. Options for filtration and ventilation improvements in other buildings are being explored and implemented when technically feasible.

  • Academic Student Recreation Center
  • Art Building and Annex
  • Broadway Housing Building
  • Campus Public Safety Building
  • Corbett Building
  • Cramer Hall
  • Engineering Building
  • Fariborz Maseeh Hall
  • Fourth and Montgomery Building
  • Fourth Avenue Building
  • Hoffman Hall
  • Joseph C. Blumel Hall
  • Karl Miller Center
  • Lincoln Hall
  • Millar Library
  • Ondine Hall
  • Parkmill
  • Peter W. Stott Athletic Center
  • Richard and Maurine Neuberger Center
  • Science and Education Center Rooms 206, 230, 280
  • Science Building 1
  • Science Research and Teaching Center
  • Shattuck Hall
  • Smith Memorial Student Union
  • Steven Epler Hall Classrooms
  • University Center Building
  • University Honors
  • University Services Building
  • University Technology Services
  • Urban Center Building