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Confined Space

A confined space is any space that is large enough for an employee to enter, has restricted means of entry and egress, and is not designed for continuous human occupancy. Examples of confined spaces include, but are not limited to, tanks, boilers, utility vaults and tunnels, silos, large duct-work, and pits. Permit-required confined spaces are confined spaces that have potentially hazardous atmospheres or other serious hazards.

For the safety of PSU employees, Environmental Health & Safety prohibits entry into permit-required confined spaces.  Only licensed contractors with OSHA-compliant confined space entry programs may enter permit-required confined spaces on the PSU campus.

If maintenance must be conducted in a space that might be considered a confined space, contact EHS for evaluation of the worksite prior to beginning the work.  EHS must also review the confined space entry program and training records for any contractor hired to do confined space work on campus.

Complete information about Oregon OSHA's confined space requirements: