Accident Reporting

Any University Authorized driver who is driving on University Business must report any incident that occurs while driving University Vehicle, regardless of  severity, to PSU Risk Management, using the PSU Accident Report Form.  If the accident meets the accident criteria on the top of the form, then the  Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Traffic Accident and Insurance Report form must also be completed.    Additionally, his/her supervisor should be notified before the end of the business day. 

In the event that an Authorized Driver is involved in an accident that involves a University Vehicle, the following steps should be taken by the PSU DRIVER:

  • If accident occurs on campus, do not leave the scene of the incident. Call CPSO Dispatch at (503)725-4407. CPSO will take incident information and relay it to PSU Risk Management (Risk Management will notify Human Resources).
  • If accident occurs off-campus, do not leave the scene of the incident. Call 9-1-1 or the local police department if necessary for emergency assistance.  You should request that a police report be completed to document the accident. 
  • Submit police report to PSU Risk Management
    NOTE:  University Vehicles should have an Accident Report Packet (usually in the glove box), which is designed to help collect accident information.  The packet includes:
  • Contact your supervisor immediately after calling 9-1-1 or CPSO.
  • DO NOT make any statements regarding responsibility or fault. Just collect information from the other party as well as any witnesses, if possible. Taking photos of the vehicle damages and general vicinity where incident occurred is helpful.
  • Provide the other party with PSU insurance information contained in the motor vehicle (if a University-owned motor vehicle) as well as your name, address, and phone number and the phone number for PSU Risk Management:  (503)725-5340.
  • Accidents involving rented motor vehicles must be reported to the rental agency and PSU Risk Management.
  • Accidents involving State of Oregon Motor Pool vehicles must be reported to the State of Oregon Motor Pool and PSU Risk Management. Contact information should be located in the vehicle.
  • Accidents involving personal vehicles on University Business are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner and his/her insurance company.    
  • For all motor vehicle claims, see Risk Management's Motor Vehicle Claims page