Special Education Course of Study

Special Education

Course of Study

Program of study

The College of Education offers a Master of Science degree or a Master of Arts degree (MA requires a foreign language proficiency examination) in Special Education. The master's degree in special education may be completed in conjunction with a teacher licensure program or independently.

Master's degree with licensure Master's degree without licensure
Complete licensure program Complete 45 credit program of study to be determined with advisor
Complete master's core As part of the 45 credit program, complete the master’s core

Master's core courses:

  • SPED 596: Research in Special Education
  • SPED 597: Issues and Practices in Special Education
  • SPED 506: Special Project (a faculty-mentored applied research project)

Note for the Visually Impaired Learner Program and the Early Intervention/ Early Childhood Special Education Program: Students completing programs in Visually Impaired Learner or Early Intervention/Early Childhood will have the master core classes incorporated into the licensure sequence. Licensure and degree will be awarded simultaneously. Questions should be directed to the program coordinator.

Course descriptions

For course descriptions, please consult the Bulletin or Class Schedule.


Students not enrolling in a course for one academic year may be changed to "inactive" status by the Graduate School.  If you have been previously admitted but are not able to currently register for classes, please fill out a graduate re-enrollment request form and turn it in to the Special Education Department for processing


Licensure, program completion, etc. - anything that happens after the student is done with the program here. May be instructions taking them to the Licensure page, may be a Qualtrics or Google form to fill out.