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It may be necessary to evacuate a building, room, or space due to an emergency incident or hazardous situation. Preparing for an evacuation is a shared responsibility among individuals, the University, and first responders.

Preparing for evacuation:

  • To be prepared to safely evacuate from any building or room, determine at least two evacuation routes out of each space you regularly occupy.
    • Each building has evacuation maps posted in main hallways and you can find floorplans of PSU buildings online. You can consult these maps to identify, ahead of time, your nearest evacuation route.
    • Many buildings have regular fire drills, take these drills seriously and use them as a chance to practice your evacuation routes.
    • We also encourage you to practice your evacuation routes by entering and exiting the building using the different routes you identified.
  • Identify who on your floor / in your office area is the Evacuation Warden.
  • Know the evacuation assembly location for your building.
  • Plan with members of your department who will take a head count after evacuation to ensure everyone safely evacuated.
  • Keep your PSU Alert subscription and Emergency Contact information up to date in Banweb.
  • Individuals, particularly those with disabilities or access or functional needs, are strongly encouraged to develop a personal emergency plan. PSU’S Environmental Health and Safety department offers guidelines for developing a Personal Emergency Plan that will help you to prepare.

During evacuation:

  • As you are able, leave the building immediately when signaled by fire alarm, PSU Alert message (via text message, e-mail, or phone call), or instructions from emergency personnel.
  • Use only stairs and fire escapes during evacuations; avoid elevators.
    • If you are unable to use the stairs because of a disability or access or functional need,
      • As you are able, make your way to the nearest evacuation assistance location
      • Inform an evacuation warden or other individual who can convey your need and location to first responders and/or inform first responders by calling 911 and/or calling CPSO and/or placing a sign in a window.
  • Go to the designated evacuation assembly area for head count and check-in.
  • Alert emergency personnel if anyone is trapped inside or needs additional assistance.

After evacuation:

  • Stay at the designated evacuation assembly area until notified by emergency personnel or a PSU Alert.message that it is safe to reenter the building.