Join us at our seminar series

Seminars are held each Friday afternoon and start at 3:15 PM. For the current term all seminars will be held remotely. Specific start times and join links can be found below for each weekly seminar.

The Department of Chemistry hosts eminent scholars from throughout the field of chemistry at our weekly seminar series.

We have an exciting lineup of scientists who will be joining us. With the remote nature, we hope more undergraduate students can become involved in the brown bag lunches that often accompany a speaker "visit" for their seminar. 
Interested? Please send an email to and let us know!  

Jack Barbera and sunflower mural

Supporting the generation of high-quality data within chemistry education research

Dr. Jack Barbera
Associate Professor, Chemistry Education Research
Portland State University

October 2nd

Jimmy Radney

Slowing the spread of COVID-19: using aerosol metrology to understand parameters affecting cloth face covering performance

Dr. James Radney
National Institute of Standards and Technology
U.S. Department of Commerce

October 9th

Towards a Molecular Understanding of Dynamic Fe-based Oxygen Evolution Catalysts

Dr. Shannon Boettcher
Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of Oregon

October 23rd 

Sachel Villafane

Supporting students' chemistry self-efficacy: why does it matter?

Dr. Sachel Villafañe
Assistant Professor, Chemistry Education
California State University, Fullerton

November 13th 
View Dr. Villafañe's seminar


From Zombie Viruses to COVID-19: Adventures in vaccines

Dr. Ken Stedman
Professor, Biology
Portland State University

December 4th


4th year graduate student presentations

Avik Bhattacharjee, McCormick Lab
Computational study of hydrogen gas production mechanism by nickel (II) tris-pyridinethiolate catalysts

Dayalis Santiago-Vazquez, McCormick Lab

January 15th 

4th year graduate student presentations

Megha Gupta, Strongin Lab
Elucidating the role of copper and homocysteine-related free radical and oxidative damage to biomolecules

Russell McFarland, Reichow Lab
Molecular shapeshifters: Novel Fibrillar Aggregates of the Lens Alpha-Crystallins

January 22nd 

Cross-disciplinary practice focused undergraduate laboratory transformation (X-labs)


Dr. Joi Walker
Assistant Professor of Chemistry Education
East Carolina University

February 26th

Equity & Inclusion Frameworks for Human-Centered Practice

Jaime Wood
Program Manager for Educational Initiatives
Office of Academic Innovation, Portland State University

March 5th


Hybrid Organic Electro-optics: Computational Chemistry to Commercialization

Dr. Lewis Johnson
Research Scientist, Department of Chemistry
University of Washington

April 2nd
View Dr. Johnson's seminar

Inflammasome assembly - an example of balance control in the immune system

Dr. Liman Zhang
Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical Physiology and Biochemistry
Oregon Health & Science University

April 9th

Course-level social belonging: Effects on student performance and persistence in General Chemistry

Dr. Gina Frey
Ronald and Eileen Ragsdale Professor of Chemical Education and professor in chemistry
University of Utah

April 23rd
View Dr. Frey's seminar

Generation and Application of Novel Chemically Induced Dimerization Domains

Dr. Zachary Hill
Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder
Soteria Biotherapeutics

April 30th

Shining a light on biology

Dr. Sally Plush
Associate Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry
University of South Australia

May 7th

How do cells sense force and why is it important?

Dr. Swetha Murthy
Assistant Scientist & Assistant Professor
Vollum Institute, Oregon Health & Science University

May 14th
View Dr. Murthy's seminar

Undergraduate Research Symposium

June 4th
3:15 PM
Please join us via Zoom; passcode 97201