Chemistry Tutor Room

About the remote tutor room

Many of the graduate students in our department host drop-in office hours throughout the week. All remote sessions use the same zoom link (below). Review the schedule below to find a time to attend drop-in office hours that work with your schedule.

All of the tutors can tutor Intro/General Chemistry. Additional course availability is listed.

Note: Fall 2021 Tutor room will open October 4th! There will be both in-person and remote office hours offered. 

If listed as REMOTE: Join the remote tutor room here

If listed as ON CAMPUS: Go to SB1 221

Tutor room schedule


Riley Roberts - 9-10am (ochem) - ON CAMPUS

Aireth Lavigne - 9-10am - ON CAMPUS

Matt Garner - 10am-12pm (ochem, CH443)

Katherine McCarthy - 10-11am (quant) - REMOTE

Rozhan Noroozi - 11am-12pm - REMOTE

Paul Kerber - 4-5pm - ON CAMPUS


Erik Scheleen - 10-11am - ON CAMPUS

Sam Mumford - 12:30-1:30pm (spec) - ON CAMPUS

Andrew Buckley - 1-2pm - ON CAMPUS

AJ Bastyr - 3-4pm - REMOTE


Nicole Javaly - 9-11am (ochem) - REMOTE

Bryan Metze - 9-11am (ochem) - ON CAMPUS

Sam Mumford - 9:30-10:30am (spec) - REMOTE

Rory Gallagher - 10-11am (ochem) - REMOTE

Rozhan Noroozi - 11-12pm - REMOTE

Dario Durastanti - 4-5pm* (quant) - ON CAMPUS
   *October 13th will be 3-4pm


Tafadzwa Chitepo - 9-11am - REMOTE

Charlene Kupara - 9-10am - ON CAMPUS

George Omolloh - 9-10 am - REMOTE

Avik Bhattacharjee - 10-11am (ochem) - REMOTE 

Lyndsay Kissell - 12-1pm (quant) - ON CAMPUS and REMOTE

'Seyi Aderinboye - 2-3pm (quant) - ON CAMPUS

AJ Bastyr - 3-4pm - REMOTE


Lydia Makotamo - 9-10am - REMOTE

Riley Roberts - 9-10am (ochem) - ON CAMPUS

Oluyemi Alo - 11am-12pm (pchem) - ON CAMPUS

Rory Gallagher - 1-3pm (ochem) - ON CAMPUS

Soocheta Jha - 12:15-1:15pm (ochem) - REMOTE