Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer Facility

The NMR spectrometer facility has two instruments available for use located in Science Building I (SBI) rooms 5 & 9.

400 MHz spectrometer

The 400 MHz spectrometer is available for “walk-on” use once the user has been trained by the facility and is run using an automation program. Only tubes rated for 400 MHz or higher may be used with this instrument. We recommend Wilmad 507-PP-7 (or equivalent) tubes. Lower quality tubes can damage the instrument. For this reason, those found using lower quality tubes (such as disposable tubes) will have their accounts suspended. During the hours of 9 AM - 6 PM, only short experiments (i.e., <20 min.) may be run. Between the hours of 6 PM and 9 AM, longer experiments (for example ~1 hour long carbon experiments) may be conducted, but please be considerate of others if there is high traffic at that time! Users are responsible for backing up their own data; the NMR facility is not responsible for maintaining data or for lost data. NMR sample tubes must be removed from the facility within one working day; individuals repeatedly leaving samples behind will have their accounts suspended, as this is a safety hazard. Please note that unused accounts are periodically removed from the system; if your account has not been used in a while (~1 year or more), we recommend that you contact the facility to check on the status of your account to ensure uninterrupted access to the instrument.

The 600 MHz spectrometer is available by reservation only, and has an additional training component. Only tubes rated for 600 MHz or higher may be used with this instrument. We recommend Wilmad 535-PP-7 (or equivalent) tubes. The same restrictions about low-quality NMR tubes as stated above apply to this instrument.

600 MHz spectrometer


For more information, please contact Please note that instrument reservations should be requested at least 48 hours in advance. When requesting a reservation of the 600 MHz instrument, please specify the probe you would like to use, the experiment(s) you intend to conduct, and your sample type. Note that some justification as to why the 600 MHz instrument may be requested, as opposed to the 400 MHz instrument for apparent routine sample requests, may be required.


Training sessions should be requested a minimum of 1 week in advance. Depending on the type of experiments you intend to conduct (automated NMR/manual NMR) the training differs in length. Please see the training rates.

NMR instruments and probes:

Bruker 400 MHz Avance II+ spectrometer:

  • Default probe: 5 mm BBFO

Bruker 600 MHz Avance III spectrometer:

  • 5 mm BBO
  • 5 mm TXI
  • 1.7 mm micro TXI

Fee structure:

Instrument specific training is required for all users. User training fees per hour as of January 2017 ($/hr): 

PSU academic Non-PSU academic Non-academic/industrial
30 100 300

Instrument use rates are charged per hour of acquisition time for the 400 MHz as of July 2015 ($/hour aq time) and per hour of reserved time for the 600 MHz:

  PSU academic Non-PSU academic Non-academic/industrial
400 MHz instrument 12 30 100
600 MHz instrument 18 50 150



1025 SW Mill St, Rooms 5 and 9
Portland State University
Portland, OR 97201

The NMR facility reserves the right to grant facility access to individuals based on internal review. Users are expected to abide by Portland State University Policies & Codes of Conduct. Those who fail to uphold these policies and/or maintain a safe working environment (which includes but is not limited to: being considerate of other users, not leaving NMR tubes in the facility for extended periods of time, not leaving chemical messes/safety hazards, and not compromising the safety of yourself or others) may be excluded from utilizing the NMR facility.