Anyone working in a chemistry research lab is required to complete safety training within 6 weeks of beginning work and on an annual basis. Prior to completing the training, students and volunteers will work under close supervision.

Safety training sessions are offered monthly. New students and volunteers are asked to please complete the Safety Training form to sign-up for and receive information about the trainings. Session dates are listed on the form.

Anyone volunteering in a chemistry research lab is also required to complete a Volunteer-Affiliated Service Form.



Researchers are required to be familiar with and follow the Office of Environmental Health and Safety's Research Safety policies and procedures, including verifying relevant licenses prior to ordering materials.

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety requires that all laboratory safety incidents be reported via the Near-Miss and Incident Reporting Form for PSU Research and Teaching Lab Spaces. Information is reviewed by members of that office and the Chemical Hygiene Committee and is used to better understand how an incident relates to the University's lab safety program and to stimulate thought about ways that the event could have been prevented or preparedness for it improved.