Master of Arts in Chemistry Program Information


Designed for the student who wishes to obtain an advanced degree in chemistry, but for whom the time commitment of a traditional research degree is not feasible, this program involves advanced coursework, a literature project, and a seminar presentation.

The candidate must complete a minimum of 45 credits in approved graduate courses. Of these, 6 credits of coursework must be outside of the major area of interest but within the Department of Chemistry. All students participate in a one-term course entitled Seminar Preparation as well as present to the department one seminar on an acceptable topic. 

For the M.A., if the student has not successfully completed two academic years of a foreign language at the undergraduate level, the student must show competence by examination.

Summary of Requirements for M.A. Degree in Chemistry

Students need to complete (on their own timeline):

  • 9 formal classes (graduate level: 501+) - up to two of which may be "approved" graduate-level classes outside Chemistry (e.g. Physics, Biology, System Science)
  • Professional Development (CH507) - offered in the spring terms
  • Give a literature-based seminar (after having taken CH507) to the Department - Enroll in CH507 again for a grade
  • Complete a 10+ page written report on the same subject on which the oral seminar was based - give to Dr. Lehman before the ninth week of the term in which you expect to graduate (will be graded by Dr. Lehman or one of the other Chemistry faculty: expect at least one round of revisions)
  • A foreign language requirement (see the PSU Bulletin) - can test out or take classes
  • A total of 45 graduate-level credits (foreign languages classes don't count for this)

An example of an enumeration of credits is as follows:

  • 9 grad-level classes at 4 credits each = 36 credits
  • CH507 Professional Development = 2 credits
  • CH507 Graded oral seminar = 1 credit
  • CH503 in the term of graduation = 1 credit
  • Optional classes = 5 credits
    • Another formal grad-level classroom class: 2-5 credits
    • CH507 seminar (Fridays): 1 credit each
    • CH501 research: variable credits
    • CH605 research & conference: 2 credits