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The Department of Chemistry has a number of paid and volunteer opportunities for students with an interest in chemistry, teaching, or science administration.

All student employees and volunteers are expected to adhere to all departmental policies and stay current on procedural changes; create an environment that acknowledges, encourages and celebrates differences; function and communicate effectively and respectfully within the context of varying beliefs, behaviors, orientations, identities and cultural backgrounds; seek opportunities to gain experience working and collaborating in diverse, multicultural, and inclusive settings with a willingness to change for continual improvement; and adhere to all PSU policies including the policies on Prohibited Discrimination & Harassment, Professional Standards of Conduct, and Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting.


Interested in joining a research lab? Learn more about research opportunities within the department by visiting the research page


A paid position for a student with Federal Work Study interested in being involved with maintenance of the stockroom chemical inventory, preparations for chemistry teaching labs, organization of chemistry solutions room, maintenance and set up teaching lab rooms and assistance at the chemistry stockroom service window.  Student workers will get first-hand experience and training involving personal safety, chemical hygiene, and handling hazardous materials.  Student workers will also learn and practice the skills necessary for solution preparation and other basic laboratory skills.

  • Duties: Assist in preparation for teaching lab courses and response to faculty and student needs for solutions, supplies, apparatus and instrumentation; assist in maintenance of lab facilities; help clean and arrange laboratories after class. Assist in monitoring of conditions of materials and solutions in use in the lab to maintain fresh quality and to insure proper conditions exist. Help prepares and certify individual chemical unknowns for analysis courses. Help maintain and equipment used in the teaching laboratories. Adhere to methods of safe handling, preparation, dispensing and storage of hazardous chemicals.
  • Commitment required: 10 - 20 hours per week
  • Qualifications: Enrolled in at least 6 Undergraduate credits or 5 Graduate credits per term. Meets all requirements for student employment listed in the HR Student Handbook. Knowledge of laboratory safety. Broad knowledge of and demonstrated interest in chemistry. Adheres to good laboratory practices
  • Payment: Hourly wage begins at $13.25/hr
  • Hiring process: Application link for stockroom position 


The curriculum, faculty, library, and facilities of the Department of Chemistry are accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS). Graduating chemistry majors are eligible for certification to become members of the ACS after two years of professional service.