ePortfolios in Action

Since its inception, University Studies has been adding meaning and relevance to the student experience of general education at PSU. Portfolios have contributed to this meaning by providing a tool for students to critically connect intellectual artifacts and see the trajectory of their academic journey in UNST courses.  

ePortfolios, and in particular, Pebble Pad, add a high degree of portability and functionality to portfolio pedagogies such that they are now an indispensable method for integrative interdisciplinary student development. Although implementation is organic, relying on training for faculty to find the value and personalize their approach, the goal in UNST is for every student to develop portfolio competence in the academic analysis that comes with engaging portfolios: a competence that serves UNST learning outcomes and builds lifelong learning skills for students.  

Portland State University is uniquely situated to continue its position as an innovator in integrative learning and preparing students to truly be "future-ready." 

Ultimately, Pebble Pad is a gift to students from PSU through which they can integrate and own their own learning.  And it is a gift to faculty, space where they can integrate and share their professional practice.  For more information, explore the following resources: