Student Success Courses

University Studies (UNST) and the Learning Center (LC) have partnered to promote the retention and persistence of undergraduate students through College Success courses. These courses are designed to complement students’ schedules with pre-term, bi-weekly, and other flexible scheduling options. 

It’s easy to sign-up online through Banweb for these courses. If you have questions about whether a course is right for you, please consult with an academic adviser, the Learning Center (2nd Floor Millar Library).

UNST 194 | College Success Topics
College Success is a comprehensive course designed to enhance student success and retention. Students will learn strategies for creating greater academic, professional, and personal success. Students will understand self-empowerment, personal responsibility, self-motivation, interdependence, self-awareness, and other critical components of keeping them on course to their goals.

UNST 195 | Career Planning
Explores and explains the career planning process by engaging students in self-assessment and career exploration activities intended to assist them in choosing a major or career.

UNST 196 | Summer Bridge Program
The Summer Bridge Program is a TRiO/Student Support Services (SSS) joint partnership with PSU. Students will strengthen and use the academic skills needed for success at the University. Students will become familiar with the campus and visit classes to better understand the rigor and expectations of college courses.

UNST 197 I  Academic Writing Support/Student Support Services
The purpose of this course is to assist Student Support Services students with their academic writing. This class is designed to support students who feel unprepared with the writing demands of college or who may feel the need for additional writing support. Instructor consent required.

For more information on tutoring services and learning resources please visit the Learning Center’s site

For a complete listing of UNST Student Success Courses check out PSU’s Online Bulletin.