For Faculty

People collaborating around a table

What does it look like to encourage and support a community of educators in the practices of engaged teaching and transformative learning?

  • It looks like communities of practice dedicated to exploring civic engagement, writing retreats, gathering to discuss wraparound services for students, one-on-one consultations with program experts, and art of teaching reflection groups.  
  • It looks like mid-term assessment opportunities for students to give feedback on their learning in the process.
  • It looks like deep-diving into what vibrant online learning can be. 
  • It looks like successful students who persist in a community that cares.

Our resources and our knowledge are not abstract but put into practice by our own instructors, supported by our own staff, based on our own assessment and research, and experienced by our own students.

As part of our partnership with students to create justice globally and locally, we constantly educate ourselves, connect with campus resources, and assess our practice to continuously become better and stronger at what we do.