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University Studies’ emphasis on inquiry extends to our assessment efforts. Faculty and assessment personnel investigate students’ learning and experiences in the UNST program so that we can find ways to improve our program, and ultimately, help our students succeed. In UNST, students’ work (portfolios, writing, group projects, etc.) is the centerpiece of our assessment and is complemented by surveys, small group discussions, and other research efforts. University Studies' assessment practices have been recognized with awards by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the Association of General and Liberal Studies.

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Each year, students report on their experiences in UNST courses through surveys and show their learning through ePortfolios, written assignments, and other projects. Survey data provides a broad snapshot of the student experience, review of student work samples provides a deeper look at student learning, and institutional data help reveal patterns of retention and course enrollment for different student groups. Faculty discuss the results of assessment and research projects to identify areas of focus for the program and for their own practice as instructors.

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Recent Assessment and Research

2018 Profile of Freshman Inquiry Students presenting a statistical profile of Fall 2018 Freshman Inquiry students based on survey and University data.

2018 Profile of Sophomore Inquiry Students presenting a statistical profile of Fall 2018 Sophomore Inquiry students based on survey and University data.

2017 Annual Assessment Report, an Annual in-depth examination and assessment of Portland State University's general education model, the University Studies Program.